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  1. Aid to Children, Youth and Families

The Profile of the GRC Aid to Children, Youth and Families

»No human being shall be lost« – this is especially important when it comes to children and the young. In order to prevent this, the support of children, youth and the family has become one of the priorities of the German Red Cross (GRC).

As a recognised umbrella organisation within the voluntary welfare sector, the GRC embraces the interests of those people, who need help and support with the aim to abolish social discrimination, distress and inhumane situations as well to influence the improvement of living conditions for individuals, families and the general public. The Aid to Children, Youth and Families of the GRC implements the tasks defined by the statute of the GRC. Namely, they are...

  • the prevention and the alleviation of human suffering resulting from diseases, injuries, disabilities or discrimination;
  • the promotion of health, welfare and education;
  • the promotion of work with children and young people;
  • the dissemination of knowledge regarding humanitarian law and the basic principles and ideals of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.
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