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  1. Aid to Children, Youth and Families
  2. Challenges of the future

Family Promotion, Strengthening and Support

Modern family life happens in diverse structures and is marked by different everyday challenges whereby most families surpass them on their own. However, there are also living conditions which families cannot handle on their own and which they need assistance for. Problems, such as child raising crises, economic difficulties, separation or divorce, physical or mental

disabilities may be too overwhelming for a family. The Aid to Children, Youth and Families offers counsel, assistance and support to families in such periods or conditions of life.

  • The GRC promotes the protection of marriage, partnership and family as well as the priority of child welfare.
  • The GRC promotes more reliable and quality all-day education services for children and young people.
  • The GRC promotes the idea of an adequately staffed and a sufficiently financed social infrastructure, which will support parents and protect children from violence or negligence.
  • The GRC promotes a better compatibility between family and work.
  • The GRC Aid to Children, Youth and Families strengthens the ability of children, young people, young adults and families to live together in a constructive way, to take care of their household and to manage money in a responsible way.
  • The GRC develops services further in order to assist families and provide them with aid to overcome daily hardships and manage crisis situations.
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