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Acknowledging Diversity and Common Values

The course of life in our society is marked by growing individuality. The different ways of living among all age groups are more and more diverse. Different world views and systems of values meet in our society. Young people and their families should have opportunities to experience diversities, to think about them and draw their own conclusions. They have to be involved in the social discussions thus participating in the development of the rules for a life with other people and the common values among them, which will secure the sense of social solidarity.

  • The GRC stands for inclusion, that is, for the right of everybody to belong to the society. It opposes actively and publicly both direct and structural discrimination and exclusion.
  • The GRC endorses the idea that all social groups should be included in the decision making structures of our society.
  • The GRC endorses the idea of implementing the right of children to participation. It furthers an overall participation of young people and gives them in its institutions and projects the occasion to direct themselves, to contribute ideas and knowledge and to take part in the decision making processes.
  • Both the services and the facilities of the GRC Aid to Children, Youth and Families are tailored to promote appreciative discussions whereby personal opinions, ways of life and world views are valued as much as those of others.
  • The GRC Aid to Children, Youth and Families supports open-mindedness and intercultural competence by constantly exchanging experiences and ideas with immigrant organizations, religious institutions and partners in Europe and in other countries as well as within the network of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.
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